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Rise of the Magi

A Lila Gray Novel
by Jocelyn Adams

Publisher: J.Taylor Publishing
Release Date: June 4, 2013
Target Reader: Adult
Keywords: Fantasy, Fairy

In a battle of wills, who is strongest? The one who hates or the one who loves? 
In a test of faith, who will fight the hardest? The one who has everything to lose or the one who believes only in herself? 
For Lila Gray, the answer is both.For the Magi, the questions are pointless since they can’t lose, and they’ve been waiting since before Lila’s birth for this one moment. Lila only needs to find them to understand her entire purpose in life. This time, though, instead of protecting her people, Lila may be leading them all, including her unborn child and the man she loves, to their deaths — and not by accident.
In the ultimate trial of heart and soul, and the conclusion to the Lila Gray series, Lila will learn that the greatest weapon of war is herself, with one ultimate unknown. For which side will she fight?

Excerpt – Chapter 1
I choked on the black fear unfurling in my soul, brought on by what would come, what always assaulted me the moment I slipped into unconsciousness. It was stupid to think I could run from it for a third night, but shreds of hope were all that had kept me sane. Primal, cold and so dark it blotted out my Light.
Sleep, more terrifying than anything I’d faced yet, claimed me again.
Standing on the balcony of the new fae castle, I gazed over winding rows of ancient shifter houses, each quiet and seemingly content in slumber, in a night that wasn’t dark. Dark and light all at once—a perfect balance, as if the world hadn’t yet decided which side would win, until the red clouds rolled and curled across the sky like blood spilled into water. Flames, intelligent and ravenous, spread from the east, ready to consume everything and everyone until nothing but ash remained. Heat licked at my skin, growing hotter. Knowing it was only a dream didn’t keep sweat from pearling along my face and neck or the blue streak of profanity from escaping to color the air. Heart thundering, I gripped the railing while I stared at the coming storm, brain frozen with the puzzle I hadn’t yet solved.
What are you trying to tell me? What am I missing?
From below, shrieks invaded my ears, thundering across the land until they rose into a deafening clatter of sound. The houses came alive with light, moaning as fae spilled into the cobblestone streets and stared skyward before scattering, each filled with agony and despair deep enough there would be no escape from it. Dying. They were dying. My own scream built in my throat, to tell them I would fix it somehow, that I would save them, but it couldn’t find an escape. Nor would my body obey my commands to move, to help them. To do something. Anything.
The scene changed as it always did. I stared down from far above, my limbs turned to torches of white fire. A globe of light around me cast a white wash over the city, over the fae who still ran in every direction.
From me.
I am the storm.
Wings pounding against the wind reached me a moment before a giant snowy owl arrived to hover before me, those golden eyes shining with rage and fear, both inducing immense relief that Liam had come and blinding horror with some distant knowledge that he should have run, too.
My scream pierced the silence as a wail let loose from his beak.
No. No!
“Wake up, Lila. Please, wake up!”
Warmth on my arm jerked me awake.
Damn near hyperventilating, I scrambled out of bed and landed on my hands and knees on the hardwood without a stitch of clothing on, unsure if the room spun or if I was just dizzy. When Liam approached, his eyes haunted and glassy, a chilled realization hit me and stalled my breath until my lungs ached with need. What if the storm hadn’t been a dream?
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Jocelyn Adams grew up on a cattle farm in Lakefield and has remained a resident of Southern Ontario her entire life, most recently in Muskoka. She has worked as a computer geek, a stable hand, a secretary, and spent most of her childhood buried up to the waist in an old car or tractor engine with her mechanically inclined dad. But mostly, she’s a dreamer with a vivid imagination and a love for fantasy (and a closet romantic — shhh!). When she isn’t shooting her compound bow in competition or writing, she hangs out with her husband and young daughter at their little house in the woods.

Now on to the interview! 

Which character from your story would you most like to meet?
I’ve always loved my original villain, Parthalan.  He’s just so fun to hate, and in the end, he becomes so much more than I initially thought he would.  Second on my list would probably be Gallagher, a telepath who has a subtle sense of humour and a distinct style.  I’ve come to love the old fart.


Are you working on another title at the moment? Can you tell us about it?
I am, actually, several things as is usual with me.  I’ve just finished a New Adult PNR/sci-fi called Darkside Sun, which is a little outside of my norm, but the voice just hit me one day and I pumped it out in a month and a half.  Here’s short description:  When eighteen-year-old Addison flees an anomaly only she can see, the last thing she expects is to be inducted into a secret society of oddballs like her…especially when one of them wants her to create heaven on earth for another reality’s dead.


Have you ever read a book more than once? If so, what was it?
I’ve read the entire Anita Blake series by Laurell K. Hamilton at least three times.  It was the series that made me want to write and pegged my genre for me.  I’m sure I’ll read them again sometime in the future, too.  Love me some Jean-Claude.


What book(s) are you reading now?
After reading a review of Richelle Mead’s Dark Swan series, I’ve picked up Storm Born.  When a book opens with something whacky like a haunted shoe, I just can’t resist checking it out.


Paranormal or dystopia—which do you prefer?
Why not both?  Most of what I write is paranormal romance in a dystopian setting, including the Lila Gray series.  The mixture of the two genres has always been my favourite, since it takes away pretty much all limits on my imationation.


Cats or dogs?
Can I take option C and say fish?  We’ve got several fresh water fish tanks with live plants growing in them.  Just love them.  One day we hope to try out a salt-water tank, too.


Favorite breakfast or dinner? 
I’d eat breakfast for all three meals if I could get away with it.  I mean, pancakes, syrup and bacon, the candy of meats…how can you go wrong?


 And finally … in no more than three sentences, tell us why we should read your story? What about it will grip us by the shirt scruffs and drag us along for the ride?


Rise of the Magi is a slice of my heart and soul, culminating the story of Lila Gray’s journey to unite two factions of the fae as they once were.  I’ve tried to make it emotionally churning, high on action and humour, and to give the reader a deeper glimpse into most of the characters.  I wanted to leave the reader’s heart pounding, a smile on their face, and a tear in their eye, and I hope I’ve managed it.

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