Birthday Bash Giveaway for J.A. Belfield


I’m so excited to be throwing this big birthday bash giveaway for J.A. Belfield with help from the lovely Keri Lake and Jen from AtRandom. There will only be one winner. Yes, the contest is international. 

    Here are the prizes….photo 2 I’m in love with the jewelry! holloway_pack_beach_tote unnatural_mug photo 3 photo 4 photo 1 51R-WiVenCL._SL1020_ 81zabtZCI2L._SL1500_


Enter here….a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good Luck!

Thank you, Keri Lake and Jen for your donations. 

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59 thoughts on “Birthday Bash Giveaway for J.A. Belfield

  1. How very rude of me…(excuse) I still had Xander on the brain….Happy Birthday Julie. I hope you are incredibly spoiled. Cheers!

  2. Boy I have hit the jackpot with some dandy reads this year – how to choose a favorite . . . I love that Robin Hobb is bringing back the Fitz and the Fool characters with the recent release of Fool’s Assassin, Marcella Burnard came out with Nightmare Ink the first book in what looks like is going to be a dark and dandy series, and another is Absolution by Angela Louise McGurk and oh so many more. Happy Birthday!!!! So excited about this year’s changes with the Holloway Pack series and I wish you every success and joy 🙂

  3. Picking one good read is impossible! I have read so many beautiful books this year so I cannot answer the question. Sorry! xD.
    A bit late but: Happy B-day!

  4. Happy Birthday J!
    I’ve read so many great books this year. My favorites though have been Magic Breaks, Dark Skye and J’s Hereditary.

  5. happy birthday!!!!!

    I have enjoyed some great books so far this year (read 65 books so far this year, would have been more but a girl has to work xxx)
    afew of my favourites so far have been:
    cursed by destiny- cecy robson
    the winter king- c.l. Wilson
    daylighters- Rachel caine
    everlasting enchantment- Katherine kennedy
    the list goes on and on really. my main reads are historical/regency romances and fantasy romances.
    at the moment I am patiently waiting for heir of fire to be released in the uk (I preordered it MONTHS ago).
    thanks for the giveaway, I am eyeing up and drooling over the prizes (particurlarly the book bundle with ashlynn chase books)

  6. oooh my favorite? Hard one!
    I reread the Study trilogy, which is my favorite series of all time!

    And as for new reads: the first 2 books of The Stormlight Archives!

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  9. Congrats on the new release and Happy Birthday!!

    i hope Bookdepository will have it soon because sadly i missed darkness and light and i do want to read it ( i still can’t get over the fact i had to forfeit your novella because it was only digital and no pdf when i won at keri’s blog) i want to discover your series i will^^

    thank you for such a wonderful giveaway too

    once again Happy birthday, best wishes and lots lots of successs^^


    oh yes favourite book i read in 2014 so far? hard to decide but probably guild hunter book 1 archangel kiss by nalini singh ( not a 2014 release but one i really love)

  10. To be honest, all of J.A. BELFIELD are on my TBR pile and I’m looking forward to starting them soon. Right now, I’ve just finished the Outlander series, so I’ll say that’s my favs at the moment.

  11. My favorite book is usually the one I just read!! I have just finished Heir of Fire, which I loved. There are not too many books that I do not like at all~I love all genres!!!

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  13. Wow….I can’t answer that question, there’s been so many. Of course Keri Lake’s books. I normally don’t read but I’ve read her books. I love the darkness she gives her stories. Along with Keri’s books, I will say Darkness and Light . I have finally read the ebook but I want all the actual books. I guess like most people I love books by popular authors like Kim Harrison, Nalini Singh, Kelley Armstrong, Faith Hunter, and the list goes on.

    Again, Happy Book Birthday and Happy Birthday to you to Julie. I know you’re going to do great at this self publishing so don’t sweat too much. I hope your Birthday was great.

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  15. Happy Birthday to Julie and congratulations on the new release!!
    Hmm.. so hard to pick only one favorite! I’ve enjoyed a lot Cherry Stem by Sotia Lazu and now I’m reading Curse of Prometheus: A tale of Medea by Morgan St. Knight and I’m loving it! ^_^
    Thank you so much for the chance to win in this awesome giveaway! 🙂 xx

  16. First—Happy Birthday Ms. Belfield!!
    Second–OMG!! So many good books so far this year! There’s no way to pick just one. Of course Keri Lake’s books are always on top of my list to get when they come out. Now I can add JA Belfield to that list too. 🙂

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