A to Z Challenge

E…is for my fabulous editor Danielle Fine.  

From editing, to book trailers to covers, she does it all! I can tell you she is a damn good editor. I’m so grateful to have her as an editor, I could never give her up! She can sculpt your manuscript into a master piece. Little by little, Dani brings the writing out of you. She just gets what your saying. 

And recently I found out she does website design. She even created her own site. I love what she has created.  

A note from: Karen Y. Bynum

Dani has edited four manuscripts for me, and I can one-hundred-percent say: She is phenomenal. She has a keen eye for detail, a way with words that is inspiring and superwoman editing skills. 
The way she knows what I’m trying to say, even when I don’t express it quite right, is amazing. She just gets my style/voice, has made me think outside of the box and has pushed me to try harder and be better. 
Because of her encouragement and expert advice, I am a much stronger writer now. It’s not easy to put your book out there, but having someone in your corner—supporting you and cheering you on—makes all the difference.


Book Trailers: 

                            Recommended by USA Today! 

You can find Danielle here!

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